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Lorraine DePass

Lorraine DePass

I've been a competitor for over three decades with a pro status in bodybuilding, physique and figure in the OCB, NGA and ANBF. I have been a judge for over a decade for the OCB and NGA and have even had a chance to promote several shows. In addition, I enjoy being a posing coach to aspiring female athletes in all divisions.

Besides fitness, I love being a family practice doctor, a wife of 20+ years and being the mother of two fantastic college-age boys. 



Years ago, I had the pleasure to be an Expeditor for a wonder guy named Steve Stone. Basically, it meant that almost every weekend I was backstage working a bodybuilding show. Expediting included, but is not limited to organizing the flow of the show, being a traffic cop, gluing taping stapling tanning people, LOL. Prepping rooms, and people, Master of Ceremonies (MC), promoting, doing scores, setting up the show order, changing the show order LOL, and pretty much anything in between. I believe one year, out of 52 weeks we had 42 shows and that was not my full-time job. Clearly, I loved doing it. I've made so many friends in and around this sport. I remember him saying "That for some people, the day of the show may be the best they've 'ever looked' and ever will look'. My channel (Bodylynx) is meant to help the general public get to know the folks that put themselves thru the challenges to compete. To see that it's possible and doable.