Executive Summary

MISSION STATEMENT· The OCB Stone Classic is a natural bodybuilding competition open to everybody.· Our mission is to promote natural bodybuilding and encourage a healthy, attainable lifestyle for men and women of all ages.· This past year, we had competitors between 17 and 66, showing the sport’s generational appeal.· This year, we are adding a “First Responders” category to honor our military and other service personnel.· We are also adding the “Chiseled Stone” category that showcases our athletes who have transformed their bodies through diet and exercise.         
SHOW PROMOTERS BIO· Yvonne Harper and Lorraine DePass are promoting the third year of the OCB Stone Classic Bodybuilding Championship in Myrtle Beach, South           Carolina, on October 12th, 2024.· They have over 15+ years of experience competing, judging, and successful events.
HISTORY OF THE OCB· The Stone Classic is part of the Organization of Competitive Bodies (OCB), which started in April 2003 and will hold over 100 shows across the           United States in 2024.· The OCB has expanded to hold shows throughout the US and internationally in Spain, England, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia.· The OCB is the largest thoroughly tested federation in the US, known for its commitment to integrity and sportsmanship.· It is a staunch drug-free organization that requires all athletes to pass a polygraph test certifying that they have been drug-free for at least          seven years, and winners are urine tested for banned substances.· The OCB hosts professional events and supports local shows by advertising them to its vast database of competitors across the country.
CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP          We anticipate an increase in competitors and audience of 30% based on our previous performance.· We are actively seeking sponsors who want to connect with our diverse group of competitors and the dedicated audience that supports them,          offering a unique platform for brand exposure and engagement.· The Corporate Sponsorship is $5,000, allowing your brand to be featured exclusively within your advertising category.· Our other sponsorship packages range from $100 to $1,000 and can be found on our website at the following link:           https://ocbstoneclassicbodybuilding.com/sponsorship-application