Frequently Ask Questions

On this page, we will provide answers to our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find your question? Send it to us via Messenger through our OCB Stone Classic Facebook or Instagram page.

“I’m interested in competing. How do I start?”

The first thing we suggest is to attend a local show. If there are no local shows, the OCB YouTube channel has a plethora of videos available for viewing. There are a lot of different divisions for both males and females and going to a show will give you an idea of which would be right for you. A great resource is the “Guide for New Competitors” available on Look under More -> Get Started Guide.
The Team Franco Podcast by Team Franco is also very informative. You can get it on most pod-catchers (Spotify, Apple, Google, etc.)
We also recommend the book “The Peaked Physique” by Sean Sullivan. Also available on Look under More -> Contest Prep Book.

“I’ve never competed before. Where can I get help posing?”

Posing well is exceedingly important. You want to learn how to exhibit your well-earned muscle in the best light possible and that requires becoming proficient in posing. 
There is a listing of workshops available throughout the year and throughout the country on the OCB website. Look under Events -> Workshops.

“How do I find a coach?” keeps a database of coaches arranged by city and state. Go on Look under More -> Find a Coach.